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Best Computer Repair Shop in Michigan

Having problems with your computer, laptop, tablet or phone? Don't worry; Star Tech has you covered. We can carry out repairs on all makes and models of laptops, tablets and phones. Whether your computer is running slowly, you have a cracked screen, your software isn’t working properly or you have a pesky virus, our computer repair shop in the local area will be able to resolve the problem for you. Contact us through our booking form to discuss your issue today.

Our repair center is the best

Our repair center is mobile and will come to you and it is the go-to-place that will solve all your repair issues. Our reliable services cover for the parts and labor that are suitable to your needs. You can contact us on the form below.

Our repair service

You wish for a fast and efficient service that reflects what you need: your computers, laptops, tablets and cellphones restored as soon as possible for a fair price. We get it. Luckily, Star Tech does just that with a simple, effective process that maximizes results. Our call-out service is reliable and trusted, with wide networks of fully trained professionals to make the results happen. We diagnose the bug, work on a fix, and offer an honest and fair price in return.


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